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Newsletter September 2020

Click here to read the 2020 Anderson Rams newsletter 

June 2020

We have just spent 2 days classing up the young rams before shearing. There are some exciting quality wools on great carcasses in this 2019 drop

190009 wool 26 june 2021 2

 Newsletter September 2019

Click here to read the 2019 Anderson Rams newsletter

Progeny comparison in Uruguay

Anderson Rams has proven to breed highly worm resistant progeny in South America but Uruguay has more than three times the rainfall of SW Western Australia so how do our sheep compare for wool quality and other visual traits?

Exceptionally well, as the results of two trials show. See a summary of results here.

Record sale price in the Falkland Islands

An Anderson sired ram has set an all-time Falkland Islands sale record of 870 pounds. He was sired by Anderson-120103 in the National Stud Flock.

 Robustness and worm resistance combined with productive wool works well across some very different environments.

Shearing 2019

Some people say that if merinos have great eye muscle and fat carcass traits then their wool will deteriorate quite rapidly in cut and quality as  they age. I don't see this in our flock where we have been selecting for carcass traits as well as wool cut for decades.

 Yesterday we  started shearing and this ewe came through in the first mob. She is 9  1/2 years old, still maintaining condition in the paddock at our high  stocking rates, as well as cutting 4.5kg of stylish white fleece. And  still having lambs.

 Robust, productive, easy care and fertile.

09239 rear 090239 side jan 19
09239 wool jan 19

Syngenta Growth Awards

syngenta award 2018

Stud principal Lynley Anderson was humbled to receive the Syngenta Growth Award for productivity in Canberra, December 2018.

The Growth Awards acknowledge and celebrate innovation, best practice, and leadership in agriculture, and the Productivity (Grower) award  recognises farmers who are achieving productivity with a focus on long term sustainability.

2018 Ram Sale

DSC_0137 (2)

Lynley and Jack from Elders snapped under the Landmark banner


Sale of stud reserve ram  October 2018

170660 is a well balanced ram with exceptional breeding values in production traits as well as being highly worm resistant. He is structurally correct with bold crimping white wool. A heavy wool cutter on a plain body he will be a big impact sire.

 I was persuaded to sell him to Kerin Poll  for $20 000 and he will reside there in NSW. Semen rights are retained by Anderson Rams except for in NSW.

170660 and me

New England July 2018

Anderson Rams (also referred to as Anderson Poll) has progeny in the New England Sire Evaluation and Stud principle Lynley Anderson attended their recent field day in early July. ANDERSON 120096 was tested in this comparison of the progeny of 16 bloodlines which included two other stud sires who have an Anderson ram as a grand-sire. This highlights the importance placed on worm resistance in this area.

anderson ewe lamb (2)
sire evaluation (5)

 Some progeny groups, including Anderson, were not able to be displayed due to a delay in receiving DNA test results, but luckily there were a couple of Anderson hoggets that had been identified by pedigree matchmaker.

miramoona progeny at sire eval (2)

With Kim Barnet, Miramoona stud amongst his impressive progeny group who have an Anderson grand-sire.

cressbrook anderson

That beautiful New England wool on a Cressbrook ram sired by Anderson

Many thanks to Kim Barnet, Todd Whillock, Duncan Lance and Lachlan Fulloon for the warm welcome, showing me your sheep, and helping me to gain an understanding of sheep production in the New England area.

Uruguay 2018

clovernook poll anderson

Clovernook Poll weaners with a strong Anderson influence. Great visuals AND ASBVs.

Stud Prinicpal Lynley recently returned from a trip to the World Merino Conference in Uruguay and caught up with some Anderson progeny while she was there. Parts of Uruguay get up to 2000mm of rain annually which is conducive to high worm burdens and are they are using Anderson genetics to enhance their breeding of sheep that are resistant to intestinal parasites.

anderson weaner at Talitas 2018

An Anderson-Talitas weaner at Talitas stud


Anderson progeny at EEFAS

a selfie with

 A selfie with Anderson twins at La Estacion Experimental de la Facultad de Agronomia (EEFAS), Salto, Uruguay.


Anderson - Corriedale cross lambs at Estacion Experimental Dr. Mario A. Cassinoni (EEMAC)

bluetooth sensors for mothering up ewes and lambs

Last year we participated in a trial with Murdoch University to see how well movement sensors can match up a ewe and her lambs in order to record pedigree. This year we used similar sensors from AWI and are involved in trials investigating fetal losses between scanning and lambing, and another looking at the incidence of triplets in a flock and how they can be best managed.