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Anderson Rams genetics are gaining recognition around Australia and overseas for their superior carcass traits and worm resistance without compromising wool cut and quality.

Our breeding values have a high degree of accuracy because of all the data we collect on our animals, and our genetic merit is also benchmarked against other bloodlines in Sire Evaluations around Australia.

The annual Merino Superior Sires report has just been released and ANDERSON 110330 is the top ram ranked on DP+ index. IMG_6282

This is out of 221 rams progeny tested at sites around Australia that were born 2012-2016.


In the results from the 2015 drop Yardstick Sire Evaluation at Pingelly, WA, ANDERSON-110330 was the highest performing sire using the Dual Purpose plus, Merino Production Plus, and Wool Production Plus indexes. He was a trait leader for weaning weight, post weaning weight, yearling weight, eye muscle, and staple strength, with a great wool cut.


In this graph below of the sires compared at Yardstick 2015, ANDERSON 110330 is number 2

merinoselect logo small
110330 flc wt BW sire eval
110330 visual and measured sire eval

For full results on all rams

ANDERSON-120103 performed very well in the 2014 Balmoral Sire Evaluation near Hamilton in Victoria. He was specifically requested by the Balmoral site committee because of his extreme eye muscle and fat, to see how well he would pass those traits on to his lambs. The progeny attracted a lot of interest at the April field day and proved that his traits are highly heritable with a very visible difference in carcass attributes.

       120103 rear1                 inspecting_Anderson_120103_progeny

His progeny were impressive when viewed at 8 months old, and at hogget age were trait leaders for

balmoral table

  • Weaning weight
  • Post weaning weight
  • Yearling weight
  • Eye Muscle
  • Fat
  • Worm resistance
  • Percentage of tops and culls
  • Conformation traits
  • Breech Wrinkle (plainness), bare area
  • Absence of dags
  • Absence of fleece rot

Along with this they maintained well nourished soft white wool.


Keep an eye out for the results of ANDERSON-120096 in the 2016 New England Sire Evaluation, and ANDERSON-140474 in the Lifetime Productivity Trial, WA, 2017.

The most worm resistant commercial merino flock in Australia

Worm Resistant AND highly productive

worm resistance
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