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    We sincerely thank all buyers and bidders at our 4th annual ram sale on the 18th October 2017

    Seventy 2016 drop rams were offered by Helmsman auction  followed by a mini auction (15 rams) with a fantastic result.

    83/85 rams sold to a top of $15 000 and average $1943

    Anderson Rams sale catalogue 2017

We were pleased to present our best sale team yet in 2017, in an increased offering.

All rams in our sale this year were trait leaders in at least 3 key production traits, and the average of the DP+ index values was in the top 3% in Merinoselect. The rams were visually outstanding as well as having the exceptionally high carcass attributes you have come to expect from Anderson Rams.

There were numerous rams with values in the top 1% for post weaning weight, eye muscle, fat,  number of lambs weaned, and clean fleece weight. Additionally, all had some degree of worm resistance as we strive to breed a productive yet low maintenance dual-purpose sheep.

Included in the rams offered was a special ram with one copy of the Booroola gene for fertility. A single copy of the Booroola gene increases ovulation rate, on average, by 1.6 ovulations per cycle which typically equates to one extra lamb born.

We also had a ram with a CFW ASBV of 41.4  -which is very close to the highest value recorded in Merinoselect- and he is also a trait leader for growth, worm resistance, staple length and scrotal circumference.


160489 side1 160755 side
160257 front

      some 2016 drop young sale rams sold in 2017


We can provide as much information as required for each ram offered for sale and are happy to help clients select rams that meet their breeding objectives.

Anderson Rams are run in paddocks all year round and are not fed ad-lib nor shedded or preened for sale.

Brucellosis accreditation No 604,

Negative results in abattoir testing for OJD of 1400 cast for age ewes since January 2015.

Sale rams have been vaccinated with gudair

Sheep Health Statements are readily available.

For more information contact Lynley Anderson       ph +61 (0)8 98328055



Registered Stud No. 1576 Anderson Rams Poll

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