We started purchasing Anderson Rams a number of years ago and have been selecting rams with exceptional breeding values for early growth and fleece weight. The results even from the F1 generation were outstanding.

Wether lambs going into the feedlot at 6 months of age, in the same pens as Poll Dorset crossbreds were coming out with the same growth rates and being trucked to WAMMCO at the same time and being paid on the same price schedule. This has continued and, after 20 years of breeding my own British Breed rams I am selling the stud because I no longer need it!

At Arthur River in 2017 we had a fairly difficult and unproductive pasture season. A mob of 1600 F2 ewe hoggets were run on 90ha with very modest feed supplementation in the autumn. Even at this stocking rate of 17 dse per hectare they have come out of the spring at 55kg and better with a beautiful long 5kg fleece of bright white 19micon wool.

After decades dedicated to careful breeding and the practical application of science the Andersons are producing extraordinary sheep with consistent ASBVs and on-ground performance under commercial conditions.